LeRoy Collins Commentary 238

Commentary #238
7 November 2008

GAO Issues List of IT challenges for Obama Administration

Jim, thanks for this list. After the recent elections (which center around "what the public/media thinks" rather than the realities of governing), it is some relief to know the GAO is trying to "mind the store," ....a distracted Congress notwithstanding.  LC

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FYI - - this November 6, 2008 article came from The NextGov Newsletter. On the list below of "critical time sensitive concerns," caring for service members is there, and in the article below the list there is a reference to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' IT situation too.  Jim

Many of the urgent policy concerns identified here are time-critical and require prioritized Federal action:

  * oversight of financial institutions and markets;
  * U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan;
  * protecting the homeland;
  * undisciplined defense spending;
  * improving the U.S. image abroad;
  * finalizing plans for the 2010 Census;
  * caring for service members;
  * preparing for public health emergencies;
  * revamping oversight of food safety;
  * restructuring the approach to surface transportation;
  * retirement of the Space Shuttle;
  * ensuring an effective transition to digital TV; and
  * rebuilding military readiness.

GAO Issues List of IT Challenges for Obama Administration
By Gautham Nagesh, 11/06/08

The Government Accountability Office unveiled a Web site on Thursday that highlights 13 urgent issues needing the attention of President-elect Barack Obama, including the technology problems the Census Bureau faces in conducting the 2010 census.

The website, which is hosted on the GAO site, also includes issues that 28 of the largest agencies face, including the global trade of food that makes the Agriculture Department's job of inspection more complicated, and the management challenges that all agencies are trying to solve,..........ETC.

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