LeRoy Collins Commentary 237

Commentary #237
7 November 2008

2008 Election

Bill, this whole election is the Perfect Storm of Incompetence, e.g. the Congress and its leadership are proven inept (and mostly re-elected), the President has been unwilling to act timely re his timid regulators in the Government, Wall Street side-stepped the regulations and got away with it, the do-good Community Readjustment Act of 1977 lowered the standards for lending by the banks (Clinton sought, and got penalties to encourage further looseness in lending practices), the media got involved and became highly biased toward it own agenda, e.g. a house for everyone...sounds good on paper, but it finally backfired. Even Alan Greenspan asked "what happened?" I am not so sure we could be another Sweden; our public education standards are too low.

This is going to be a mess for awhile no matter who the President is. The Apaches are just one of the "tribes" hanging on for dear life.

It is a good time for the radical Arabs to strike us at home. You and I have lived in a time to see the full spectrum of depression, prosperity, and now we are sliding down the slippery slope to more recession/depression. The only person I see who understands it well enough to explain to us is Newt Gingrich.

Besides all that, life is good. We are coming along well with the Vets, but all of them would not agree with my assessment. Jane joins me in "dittos" (?) to you and Bobbie. /s/ Roy

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LeRoy Collins, Jr.


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