LeRoy Collins Commentary 169

Commentary #169
26 May 2008

An article from the Miami Herald

Rod, thanks for this fascinating article from the Miami Herald re Internet voting. I am gratified Pat Hollarn is pressing on.

The article did not mention the prominent role Pat had in the Internet voting test conducted during Election Year 2000. She knows where the bones are buried, so I am hopeful this venture will not be smothered by naysayers.

We simply must have a process which is not subjected to so much of today's operational abuse, some of which I have observed first-hand; we are smarter than that. The complaint the current plans will utilize a Spanish server sounds like a red herring to me; if there was some funding available, the results could go thru a U.S. server in the U.S. Embassy in London, or better yet,....through USEUCOM secure military channels in Stuttgart GE.

On a daily basis, the world's financial channels move BILLIONS of dollars safely without interdiction, so votes can be done, as well.

/s/ LeRoy Collins, Jr.


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