LeRoy Collins Commentary 117

Commentary #117
25 November 2007

A SEAL perspective
this NOV 2007

Where do we find the warriors in this country who protect us at the risk of their own lives? The answer is EVERYWHERE. But the difference between them and most other Americans is that they have a higher standard for themselves, not to benefit themselves, but to protect US. It sounds unusually exceptional, but they ARE exceptional, and we need to pray to God that enough of them are inspired to continue feeling that way.

/s/ LeRoy Collins



The attached is from a Navy physician in the Navy's Combat Casualty Care Office in DC. They administer to the most severely wounded Sailors. It is a hand written note on the door of a SEAL who took a round from an assualt rifle to his face and arm...

CLICK HERE for a SEAL's perspective.


/s/ LeRoy Collins, Jr.


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