LeRoy Collins Commentary 108

Commentary #108
8 November 2007

In Preparation for Veterans Day

Sending this ahead of time to celebrate and honor:

For me, every day is Veterans Day. We have about 24 million Veterans nationwide, and 1.7 million live in Florida, but we are fast losing our WWII vets. Use the attached video essay link; it has sound, but the message is there whether or not you hear the sound.

Anytime you discover a veteran nearby, just thank him/her for their service to the nation, and our freedom; they helped make it happen. If you will do this, I KNOW you will make their day...and you will experience a feeling within yourself, which you will NEVER forget. Thanks for caring.
/s/ LeRoy Collins

11/10 the US Marine Corps' 232nd Birthday

11/11 Veteran's Day.

Profound: It is 12 min.'s long, but very moving.

There is sound. And yes, it brought a tear.

Sometimes the message is clearer when there are no words to confuse the meaning......please take a moment to copy/cut and paste into browser if link does not automatically connect...

Thanking you all for taking care of yours truly, for protecting our great country and for the ongoing good works you do for our military.




/s/ LeRoy Collins, Jr.


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