LeRoy Collins Commentary 77

Commentary #77
15 August 2007

Response to Visitor Feedback...
On being the son of a Governor

Subject: Visitor Feedback from Your Website

Jason, thanks for your query on my website.

You asked what was it like to be the son of Governor LeRoy Collins. In a few short words,.....he was a lifetime of inspiration to me, as he was with so many others. He was not a college graduate, but he was a voracious reader of classical literature (including the Bible), wrote his own speeches, and was the wisest person I have ever known......with impeccable judgment. He never did/said anything I thought I could do better.....except water ski.

While he was Governor (i.e. 1955-61), I was away from home serving in the Navy, so my visits to the Governor's Mansion were very infrequent. But when I was there, it was not unusual for him to announce we must dress up to greet some visitors, attend an official function as a family, and/or join him on a trip to a very public event where we were expected to be.

While we had some private time together, we were often exposed in public by the media, where my parents expected all four children to conduct themselves politely to all people we met, .....and we met many.

Looking back on that experience of 50 years ago, I realize how fortunate we were to be the First Family of Florida for 6 years. Today, Florida has MANY more people than back then, and it is getting larger by the day. The state still needs dedicated public servants as it did then. Hopefully this school project will incline you to consider such a career eventually.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to ask. I have been through your hometown many times, and consider it one of a select number of Florida's most picturesque. Protect it well. /s/ LeRoy Collins, Jr.


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