LeRoy Collins Commentary 47

Commentary #47
25 May 2007

A Secretary's Son

Janet, what a WONDERFUL patriotic testimony by your secretary's son. It made me swell with pride, as it did with you...and her.

Please keep us informed of his adventure in harmís way in defense of the Nation. It will be tough going, but his support system of family, comrades, church, friends et al will pull him through. Keep us informed.

/s/ Roy,


Roy, I thought you would enjoy this email from my secretary's son, Andy. He is a West Point Graduate (USMA ĎO5) and was just deployed to Iraq. I thought his comments were right on. Hope you and Jane are good. I must call soon and check in with you guys. -Janet

Thu, 24 May 2007

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the wonderful comments, I love hearing from all of you. Today we were out on the range doing our last little bit of training before we head North. When we finished a couple of bedouins came by with their herd of camels. What did I do you ask? I walked over to them with a couple of cold bottles of water and got to meet and greet the camels. It was pretty cool because just before we left, they brought over the camel with a saddle on it. Needless to say, I got up on the camel and took it for a little ride. It was really cool. The bedouins are a kind and gentle people. It was fun. I am still looking for the pictures of me with the camels. I tried to upload pics on here today, but I only think one came out. I will post more once I get to Iraq, and this is my last little bit of camel talk. I got an email from Tom Rooney yesterday and decided to reply to him on here so that you all could see my response and share it with the community. Tom is running for Congress and asked me what the real situation is over here so that he could share it with the American public. I jumped at the opportunity to share my views before we leave to go to Iraq, and I will share with you my views when I am there. While I sit here in Kuwait, I think back to the fateful day of September 11, 2001. I was a Plebe at West Point when it happened almost 6 years ago. I am still dedicated to fighting for the nation that I love. The United States is the greatest nation in the world, and I firmly believe that we are better off fighting this great war on terror, than doing nothing. We have sacrificed many American lives in this war, but I still believe in my heart that the President was right in choosing to fight in Iraq. It is the center of the conflict in the world and it shows the world that the US will not back down to a fight and we will not surrender or retreat. I tell my soldiers that they signed up for a reason and took an oath for a reason. That oath said that we will support and defend the Constitution and against all enemies foriegn and domestic. This war is perfectly legal! The President does have the authority to command his soldiers and send them to fight for the nation. I think that it is an outrage that Congress and the American public are constantly fighting a battle with him to bring us home. With all of this fighting on the home front, it shows the terrorists that they have won. Their goal is to strike a blow to public opinion and make this nation divided. They have succeeded in that, but the forces on the ground are making gains. We are destroying them! We are defeating them! We are taking away their means to operate! We are turning the tides on them! We, as soldiers fighting the war, need the American public to step up and stand together as a nation to defeat these people that cause us to constantly look over our shoulders in fear of another attack. Instead of an offensive mindset we used to have in this country, we have become defensive. I strive to the ideals of yesteryear when Americans were proud to be an American, and will give their lives for freedom. We have taken our rights for granted. To see peaceful people like the Bedouins of Kuwait is awesome. They are proud of what they do, and take pride in their nation of Kuwait. I wish that our country can do the same. I am proud to be an American, and I lay my life on the line for freedom as do hundreds of thousands of soldiers! I think the American people should stand up to the Bullies in Congress and support our troops, and our elected officials 100%. I know that this may be to idealistic, but one can only hope that the nation he or she is fighting for can stand together and say that we will not fear our enemies, and that we will find you and destroy you, using all means necessary. I am running out of time here, so I will end this here. I miss you all very much and send my love to you. I hope you will share my message, but don't get me in trouble for my political views. Thanks to all for supporting me and my soldiers. I love you all!!! God Bless!!!

/s/ LeRoy Collins, Jr.


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